Stable sponsorship

External stableSleeping TobyStable interiorEscape relies solely on donations and the support and generosity of individuals and companies.

Stable sponsorship is another way for you to help us continue to provide vital sanctuary for desperate animals not only now but also in the future.

For a donation of £500 (1 years sponsorship) you contribute towards a safe place where our animals can recover from trauma, find rest and shelter and recieve love and care, a space to live out their lives free from fear and harm. There are few feelings as satisfying as seeing a horse fast asleep on a clean comfy bed of fresh straw.

In recognition of your sponsorship a plaque will be displayed outside your stable and also your personal or company details will appear on our website in the supporters section.There is also further opportunity for companies to get involved in our sanctuary open days and events.

For personal sponsors we know that you will get much satisfaction from visiting your stable on a regular basis and meeting its occupant.
For companies we hope that in return for your support your company will benefit from an alternative platform for awareness and we know from experience that consumers increasingly recognise and value good community relations.

To start making a difference immediately simply click on the button below..