What we do

Animals find sanctuary at Escape for different reasons. Many come in because of neglect and mis-treatment, some have simply been abandoned. Many of our animals are saved  from owners who can no longer care for them, many because they were facing certain death by euthanasia. We take in animals from all over the UK  and our furthest-travelled residents are from Wales.

Upon arriving at the sanctuary, if necessary our rescued animals are examined by our fantastic vet  and provided with recommended veterinary treatments.  Making sure our animals are free from pain  is of utmost importance.  Animals who are ill or injured are provided with round the clock care.  Many of the animals we rescue completely recover from their past abuse and are great candidates for adoption into new permanent homes. Those that are suitable for re-homing will be given the chance of finding a foster home, though they will always remain under our care and be accepted back to the sanctuary should anything go wrong. However, some of our animals at the sanctuary could never leave us because they will require special care for the rest of their lives.  These animals may be of advanced age or have chronic issues.  These animals usually require special medication and have special dietary needs.  While at our sanctuary, all of our animals receive appropriate daily exercise, affection and plenty of treats, their comfort and happiness is our priority.

We are 100% committed to the animals in our care, we aim to give them the best possible quality of life in a compassionate environment. As well as helping animals today it is equally important to us to help the animals of tomorrow. By providing positive examples to people who are considering animal ownership, and by giving advice and information where able we hope to help both current and future owners keep their animals healthy and happy.